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  • Roundfin RD-98 Tissue Embedding Center&Cooling Plate

    1.Five independent temperature control system 2.The machine is composed of two modes, main console and cold plate 3.The larger capacity working cylinder allows users processing 250 tissues at the same time

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  • Roundfin RD-BM,BL Tissue Embedding Center with Cold Plate

    1.Fully programmable computer controls allow automatic system start and stop anytime 2.Five heated areas 3.Automatic memory and restoration functions

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  • Roundfin RD-BM,BL III Tissue Embedding Center

    1.Fully programmable computer control allows automatic system start and stop anytime (weekly). 2.Temperature is precisely measured by temperature-sensing integrated blocks made in USA, and is LCD-displayed with icons demonstrating current working status. 3.Five heated areas, including paraffin chamber, paraffin dispenser, left and right thermal storage compartments, and heating plate (working area), are individually controlled and work independently without interference from each other. 4.Five temperature-control channels and multiple overheatin protection mechanisms provide safe, reliable, and energysaving protection. 5.Automatic memory and restoration functions: After start up all preset temperature data are automatically stored in thesvstem.

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  • Roundfin RD-95 & RD-95/1 Embedding Center

    1.Five independent temperature control system, including paraffin cylinder, flowing paraffin mouth.The working surface, save cylinder and tweezers  storage cylinder temperature from ambient to 99 degrees Celsius temperature control within the scope of arbitrary adjustable. Independent heating can be selected to meet flexible working methods, and the Tweezers Store table is fixed for heating. 2.The machine adopts automatic control procedures, can be preset automatic start up of 7 days. 3.Paraffin flowing speed can be adjust by user. 4.The machine is composed of two modes,main console and cold plate. It is independent design,can put the position left to-right or right to -left. The larger working surface allows user processing 250 tissues at the same time.  5.With manual operation and pedal switch for the operator to choose.

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