• Roundfin RS3 Automated Tissue Slide H&E Stainer

    Roundfin RS3 Automated Tissue Slide H&E Stainer

    1.The APS coated,streamline-designed, easy-to-clean sturdy housing with high resistance to corrosion.
    2.24 slides can be stained simultaneously with prompt staining process
    3.25 sets of staining protocols can be programmed and stored in the system with each protocol containing 30 editable steps for staining.

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  • Roundfin RD-QS1100 H&E Slide Stainer

    Roundfin RD-QS1100 H&E Slide Stainer

    1. Staining Work State shown by Dynamic Graph.
    2. Sample can be added anytime for continuous staining.
    3. Any station can be set for end station; it will buzz until staining work finished.
    4. On auto working progress, station can be changed anytime according to requirements.
    5. When one station takes longer working time, more repeat station can be set for speed up working process.
    6. With water protection device, when water blockage, it will shut off water resource itself and make the warning cue.
    7. Small Size for the unit. With LED touch operation system.
    It has unique design for the mechanical arm with low energy consumption.
    8. From No. 2 Station to No. 17 Station can be set to water clean. It has function for Auto Start/ Stop on cleaning, and Water flow can be adjusted according to requirements.

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