pathology centrifuge

  • Roundfin RD-4B Cell washing Centrifuge

    1. Due to the use of special shock absorbers, the shock absorption effect is good, with automatic balancing function; It is sufficient to add liquid evenly by visual inspection, without weighing. 2. The centrifugal force and time have been fixed to improve the test efficiency and achieve standardization. 3. The centrifugal tube of SERO rotor is fixed with an elastic clamp, which can be inverted with the rotor without falling off, so it is very convenient to pour liquid and wash the centrifugal tube.

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  • Roundfin RD-4K Pathology Centrifuge

    1. By making use of the principle of centrifugal settling, the 4K table-top low-speed centrifuge is used for separating, concentrating and purifying the particles with different densities in solution. 2. This machine adopts brushless motor drive, microcomputer control, protection of lid, realize the convenient operation. It is applied to separate the particles with different densities in various scientific research labs and production companies, such as the biochemical study, radio immunity and environmental protection.

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