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  • Stainless Steel Dissecting Table Autopsy Table

    Mortuary Transfer Cart: Stainless steel dissecting table autopsy table Model Number: RD-1552 The corpses Transfer Cart is a series of product for hospital, funeral parlor, and postmortem examination department. Features: 01: Material is Stainless Steel 304. 02: With a weep hole on the table. 03: It packed with 4 pcs strong quality universal wheel to be sure the unit is easy to move. 04: The size can be made according the users special request.

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  • High Quality Mortuary Products Morgue Corpse Autopsy Table

    All stainless steel 304 construction. It is half-closed structure. Heliarc-welded seams and joints, ground and polishes to match adjoining surfaces. It with the adjustable square base. The table height is adjustable from 720 to 920mm(Optional). Operating tray Removable(3pcs) and detachable operating tray. Plumbing and electrical lines factory installed and require only single point connection at the project location. There is the the power of the socket on the side of table. It is waterproof. Can be used for other instrument connections. Crushing and sewage system: Large single compartment sink basin. With the pulverizer, It can crush dirt and little bone instantly. Two taps. Sensor faucet with cold water and manual faucet with hot or cold water. With the removable spray tap, the water pressure can be adjusted. It can wash and clean each corner of table dirt Drained system Rapid and positive drainage With drained pipeline, the treated liquid drained along the drained system. Exhaust system function. Air outlet is at the inside of the table, The exhaust way is down. It needs to connect with the exhaust blower outside. OEM and customer special request is accepted.

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