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  • Clinical Analytical Instruments Laboratory Tissue embedding center&cooling plate

    Clinical Analytical Instruments Laboratory Tissue embedding center&cooling plate

    Reliability and key features
    1.Five independent temperature control system, including paraffin cylinder, flowing paraffin mouth. The working surface, save cylinder and tweezers storage cylinder temperature from ambient to 99℃ temperature control within the scope of arbitrary adjustable.
    2.The machine adopts automatic control procedures, can be preset automatic start up of 7 days.
    3.The machine is composed of two modes, main console and cold plate. It is independent design, can put the position left to-right or right to-left reasonable layout, convenient operation.
    4.The larger capacity working cylinder allows users processing 250 tissues at the same time.
    Ergonomic design
    1.Manual operation, pedal control arbitrary choice.
    2.Wax cylinder double overheating protection, safe and reliable.
    3.Installed with lamp, applicable minimum specimen operation.

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  • Tissue Embedding Center with Cold Plate

    Tissue Embedding Center with Cold Plate

    Reliability and key features
    1.Fully programmable computer controls allow automatic system start and stop anytime
    2.Temperature is controlled by microprocessors made in the USA and they are displayed using color-changing LED to enable clear visibility of working status.
    3.Five heated areas, including paraffin chamber, paraffin dispenser, left and right thermal storage compartments, and heating plate(working area), are individually controlled and work independently without interference from each other
    4.Flexible heating mechanism overcomes the shortcomings of traditional technology that can result in excessive temperature differences. System provides fast heating and precise temperature control. In addition, the dual-protection from overheating is safe, reliable and energy-saving.
    5.Automatic memory and restoration functions: After start up, all preset temperature data are automatically stored in the system.
    Ergonomic Design
    1.Flexible module configuration options through a design which separates the Cryo-Module from Embedding Module
    2.Heated working plate and forceps wells make tissue embedding more convenient.
    3.Safe and reliable low-voltage illumination system

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  • Automated Tissue Slide H&E Stainer for Pathology Lab

    Automated Tissue Slide H&E Stainer for Pathology Lab

    1.With its intuitive touch screen interface and convenient human-machine communication, operation is easy-to-learn and simple-to-use
    2.Integrated touch screen with intuitive high-intelligence control system offers a full set of functions, reliable performance, and simple operation.
    3.The APS coated,streamline-designed, easy-to-clean sturdy housing with high resistance to corrosion.
    4.24 slides can be stained simultaneously with prompt staining process
    5.The slide rack can be optionally stopped either above or submerged in cup 
    based on user’s selection after the staining process ends with beeping to alert the user
    6.Intelligent automatic water influx/efflux/drainage system ensures sufficient washing performance at each step and improves water efficiency.
    7.25 sets of staining protocols can be programmed and stored in the system with each protocol containing 30 editable steps for staining.
    8.Operation error alert.

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  • 1500ML 2000ML 3500ML Lab Biological Tissue Processor Dehydrator

    1500ML 2000ML 3500ML Lab Biological Tissue Processor Dehydrator

    1.Fully intelligent design, enabling timely automatic determination and deal from an abnormal event.
    2.Lon clarification technique and decomposition of harmful gases through a pipe. Also with glass cover, environmentally friendly and safe.
    3.7 inch color touching LCD screen, Human-machine conversation, easy operation.
    4.With the protection function to prevent accident stop of cylinder.
    5.Internal dry heating mechanism and triple protection, precise temperature control, escape from harmless water vapour.
    6.Turn-on: within a year that set arbitrary within years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds at any time start-up.
    7.20 editable programs can be stored in the system.
    8.Liquid shake times: 1-15 times adjustable. Shake up and down for each time. Stirring 3 times.

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  • Pathology Instruments 1.3L/2.3L Vacuum Auto Tissue Processor

    Pathology Instruments 1.3L/2.3L Vacuum Auto Tissue Processor

    1.Entire operation process is controlled by a PLC through a touch screen, easy to operate, reliable and stable.
    2.Tissue specimen basket can be placed in a cup at any station by a mechanical arm, flexible and easy to operate.
    3.Multiple safety protection mechanisms including power failure alert and operation error protection.
    4.Stirring during the dehydration process ensures adequate contact of tissue with reagents and paraffin to improve dehydration performance.
    5.Temperature of paraffin cup is precisely controlled by a constant temperature control system and the inner surface of the cup is TEFLON-coated, contamination-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.
    6.1.3L(or a larger volume of 2.3L) medical glass beakers are used as processing cups, allowing clear observation of tissue changes during the operation.

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  • Histology Paraffin Wax Dispenser Lab Paraffin Dispenser

    Histology Paraffin Wax Dispenser Lab Paraffin Dispenser

    1.Utilizes full computer automated control and intelligent digit temperature control
    2.Utilizes new type of heating elements that enable fast energy efficient and reliable heating
    3.Temperature sensors are made in USA precise and reliable
    4.Automatically saves the latest operation settings
    5.Memory and automatic restoration function enables the preset temperature to be automatically saved after device operation
    6.LED displays the heating status

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