What is morgue corpse rack


What is morgue corpse rack

A morgue corpse rack is a piece of equipment typically found in morgues or mortuaries where deceased bodies are stored before they are prepared for funerals or other forms of disposition.

The rack is usually made of metal or stainless steel and consists of several tiers of trays or shelves where bodies can be placed. The trays or shelves are designed to slide out easily, allowing access to the bodies for examination or preparation.

Morgue corpse racks may be refrigerated or non-refrigerated, depending on the needs of the facility. Refrigerated racks are used to keep bodies at a low temperature to slow down the decomposition process, while non-refrigerated racks are used for short-term storage or in facilities that do not require refrigeration.

Morgue corpse racks are an essential piece of equipment in morgues and mortuaries, providing a safe and organized way to store deceased bodies before they are prepared for final disposition.

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