The Benefits of Using a Mortuary Refrigerator for Corpse Preservation


When a person dies, their body undergoes a series of physical and chemical changes, such as rigor mortis, algor mortis, livor mortis, putrefaction, etc., which can affect the appearance, smell, and quality of the corpse. These changes can also pose health and environmental risks, such as the spread of diseases, the attraction of insects and animals, the emission of odors and gases, etc. Therefore, it is important to preserve the corpse properly and prevent or delay these changes as much as possible. One of the most effective and common methods of corpse preservation is using a mortuary refrigerator, which can offer many benefits, such as:

  • Preserving the appearance and dignity of the corpse. A mortuary refrigerator can lower the temperature and humidity of the corpse, which can slow down the metabolic and enzymatic activities of the cells and microorganisms, and inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungi. This can reduce the rate of decomposition and discoloration of the corpse, and maintain its shape, color, texture, and weight. A mortuary refrigerator can also prevent the corpse from drying out, shrinking, or cracking, and keep it moist and pliable. By preserving the appearance and dignity of the corpse, a mortuary refrigerator can facilitate the identification, examination, autopsy, or embalming of the corpse, and also respect the wishes and feelings of the family and friends of the deceased.

  • Protecting the health and environment of the staff and the public. A mortuary refrigerator can also isolate the corpse from the external environment, and prevent the exposure or leakage of the fluids, tissues, or gases of the corpse. This can reduce the risk of contamination, infection, or poisoning of the staff who handle the corpse, or the public who visit the facility. A mortuary refrigerator can also eliminate or minimize the odors and noises that may emanate from the corpse, and improve the hygiene and comfort of the facility. By protecting the health and environment of the staff and the public, a mortuary refrigerator can ensure the safety and quality of the corpse preservation service, and also comply with the ethical and legal standards and obligations.

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