Roundfin at 2024 HongKong AFE


Roundfin at 2024 HongKong AFE 

This year's Asia Funeral Expo in Hong Kong once again gathered funeral industry professionals from around the globe, 

showcasing the latest trends and innovative technologies in the field. Among the spotlighted companies was Roundfin, 

a prominent manufacturer specializing in mortuary equipment.

Mortuary Refrigerators

Roundfin's products are distributed to over 150 countries, earning acclaim for their expertise in mortuary equipment 

and reliable quality. At the expo, Roundfin presented a range of mortuary equipment, including advanced 

mortuary refrigerators ensuring optimal preservation of remains, mortuary lifts providing convenient mobility and 

operation, sophisticated autopsy tables catering to the needs of hospitals and research institutions, and sturdy 

mortuary body racks supporting safe and dignified handling.

mortuary lift

Roundfin is committed to delivering high-quality mortuary equipment and continuously innovating and improving to meet 

customer demands. Their participation not only showcased their product prowess but also provided opportunities for networking

 and collaboration among industry professionals. On the path towards excellence in the global funeral industry, Roundfin has 

garnered widespread recognition and trust with its dependable products and professional services.

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