Knowledge of Corpse Refrigerator


The corpse refrigerator has one drawer, two drawers, three drawers, four drawers, six drawers, and nine drawers. The corpse refrigerator, also known as the Taiping cabinet, is used for freezing and preserving corpses. Commonly used in hospitals and funeral homes.

The box is made of stainless steel material. The corpse drawer stretcher is made of stainless steel plate, which is durable. The door frame is made of special PVC profiles, which are insulated from both inside and outside. The semi-buried door technology of the cold storage is popular. The first domestic polyurethane foam 100mm thermal insulation layer has a good thermal insulation effect. The refrigeration system is a fully enclosed refrigeration unit with a voltage of 220V, which has the characteristics of fast refrigeration and low noise; microcomputer temperature control automatically starts and stops, and delays the protection of the compressor function; the temperature in the cabinet can reach -18 ℃, advanced refrigeration technology, Good quality, reliable performance, easy to use, more energy-saving and power-saving than ordinary corpse refrigerators

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