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  • Pathology Instruments 1.3L/2.3L Vacuum Auto Tissue Processor

    1.Entire operation process is controlled by a PLC through a touch screen, easy to operate, reliable and stable. 2.Tissue specimen basket can be placed in a cup at any station by a mechanical arm, flexible and easy to operate. 3.Multiple safety protection mechanisms including power failure alert and operation error protection. 4.Stirring during the dehydration process ensures adequate contact of tissue with reagents and paraffin to improve dehydration performance. 5.Temperature of paraffin cup is precisely controlled by a constant temperature control system and the inner surface of the cup is TEFLON-coated, contamination-resistant, and corrosion-resistant. 6.1.3L(or a larger volume of 2.3L) medical glass beakers are used as processing cups, allowing clear observation of tissue changes during the operation.

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