medical equipment stretcher

  • Medical Equipment Stair Stretcher Hospital Ambulance Wheel Chair

    Features: 1.This product is the stretcher of upstairs, wheelchair stretcher, up and down staircase stretcher, staircase stretcher. 2.Stair stretcher Using aluminum alloy material, the structure is light and flexible.Light weight, small volume, easy to carry, safe to use, easy to clean and disinfect.The other material is to use the cloth cover of Oxford cloth. 3.The folding structure is easy to carry and is used to rescue fracture patient to upper and lower corridor. The product is equipped with a wide belt to ensure the safety of the patient during the transfer process. 4.The stretcher has two wheels to facilitate the movement on the ground. The stretcher has a reinforcing handle on the back, which can bear more weight. When you go up and down the floor, you need 2 people to operate at the same time,pull out of the front lift,back handle open and lift up to carry.

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